Pathfinder: Stolen Lands

Battle of the Stag Lord


Today was the battle against the Stag Lord and his fort.

The group had killed every last bandit at the Thorn River camp and looked to reap the rewards. Finding some treasure, they approached a wagon covered with a burlap tarp. Upon lifting the tarp, the party discovered crates of green bottles and a terrified bandit cowering beneath. Upon questioning the bandit, the party learned the bottles were alcohol meant for the Stag Lord and that he was apparently an unstable alcoholic that bullied his men. The party also learned that half the bandit stash was stolen by mites that reside nearby.

Taking the night to set up camp and come up with a plan, the party decided to don disguises and attempt to infiltrate the Stag Lord’s fort using the booze as cover. The next morning, they set off for the fort, with Rob and Lexi hiding under the tarp in the wagon with the booze. Rob helped himself generously to the aforementioned booze as they traveled. Upon arrival at the fort, the party was asked for the passphrase. None but Jimmy had chosen to write it down and commit it to memory and Patrick was forced to use a spell to remember it. The bandits were none the wiser, however, and the party was allowed into the fort.

Upon hearing the news that his booze shipment had arrived, the Stag Lord bellowed that the entire wagon be brought to his quarters immediately. Akiros, the Stag Lord’s second, approached Jimmy, Rich and Patrick to pay them for the transport as the wagon was led away by a group of bandits. Once they had reached the Stag Lord’s quarters, the group escorting the wagon lifted the tarp to remove the alcohol where they were met with a surprise consisting of Lexi’s dagger to his throat and a drunken Rob with his eidolon. The trap sprung, the party gained a favourable advantage against the surprised and flat-footed bandits.

As combat raged, Akiros attempted to remove himself from the combat and possible defect to the party’s side, but Richard pressed his attack inexorably. The Stag Lord, at first assuming the ruckus just being normal bandit rough-housing, eventually staggered from his quarters to see what the commotion was. There he discovered Lexi and Rob butchering his bandits. Roaring with anger, he readied for combat when Rob drunkenly challenged him to a drinking contest. The Stag Lord, smelling his brand of liquor on Rob, flew into a rage at having his booze stolen.

Eventually, the Stag Lord was finally brought down through the combined arms of the party with some fortuitous help from Url, the “Ranger” the group had met previously. However, Lexi had been rendered unconscious but stable by the Stag Lord in the melee.

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